Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top 5 Tips for Managers for Effective Communication

The demand for managerial skills is on the upswing with diverse business domains in the present scenario. Managerial skills ensure that all resources pertaining to the business perform optimally, at every level and domain. 

Managerial skills are multifaceted and they need to lead the business resources, especially people to perform. As communication builds the channel to exchange thoughts, ideas and information, it forms the cornerstone of management-principles. Effective communication should make people listen. It should establish the “human connect”, which will evoke response from the people you are talking with. So, what underlies the communication techniques, which will turn your audience into active listeners?

1) Create the space for warming-up: As managers, it is important to understand that you are establishing “a connect” with humans, primarily their social instincts. So, your non-verbal communication should be: presenting a confident body language, a pleasant smile, and a zealous attitude. This can take you a long way in engaging with your audience.

2) Engage your audience: An amicable greeting in the beginning or a general question about their well-being would be the initial step in attracting their attention. You create a sense of empathy, when your start-up moves in a discussion/conversation are directed towards the other party. You have to listen first to make others listen.

3) Grab the attention of your audience: Once your audience is sufficiently engaged and listening intently, highlight the impacting keynote of your discussion that will leave a lasting memory on the group.

4) Use verbal tabs/cues/markers: While moving over from one topic to the other use verbal markers such as “Moving on to the next…” or “ Let us move to the next salient point”, and so on. These tabs rivet the attention of your audience by making them realize that they are into the next phase.

5) Review/recap: Once your discussion is over, review the important points and highlight them on the smart-screen or white board, if you have such props. OR, summarize orally. 

Give a finishing note to your listeners and give them enough time to assimilate, and clarify the doubts they might have.

Effective communication is all about keeping the audience engaged and making them absorb the key facts, effortlessly. For managers, communicative skills play a vital role in building relationship bridges, which can drive the performance of the team to optimal levels. 

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