Monday, 16 November 2015

Overhaul education system

In the good olden days, education was regarded as a noble profession. Education was imparted to all those interested without prejudices of caste and creed. Education was imparted free of cost and out of courtesy and affection of the gurus that it was disseminated to the students. Money was not the sole criterion with regard to their profession of education. In contrast, the present education system is not knowledge-oriented. It is rather commerce-oriented to the core.
The education system has of late become a tool in the hands of politicians and policy makers to exploit students right from the kinder garden level to the university level. The hopes and aspirations of the parents who send their wards to schools and colleges to mould the lives of their wards are belied. Standards are so poor. In the end, the knowledge the students acquire is not of any concrete use in the country, nor is it beneficial for them to pursue further employment or education abroad.
Although primary education in the country has been made free and compulsory for all children, in practice such a provision ensured by the government has no takers by a larger section of society in view of thelackadaisical attitude of the government and authorities in implementing the scheme. It is high time that the present education system is overhauled, reviewed and revised suitably and appropriately to suit to the opportunities and convenience of the present day generation of students. Teaching methodology and curriculum standards should be upgraded to world-class quality so that the knowledge acquired is makes them employable as well as value-based.
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