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How to Earn a Job Promotion

Build accountability for yourself –

Building up accountability at your workplace is the key to success. No one gets a promotion handed over to him on a silver platter, one needs to become worthy of this reward. This can only happen when one carries out one’s current duties and responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner.

Excel at your work –

In order to excel, one must be completely dedicated to ones work. Organizations always remember those who show 100% dedication and commitment to their job and give excellent results. Enthusiasm alone is not enough, one must utilize ones full potential and then only the results will be stupendous.

Stay ahead and volunteer for jobs –

Being a volunteer at the workplace can always enhance credentials. Be ready to exchange your new insights and experiences and never shirk away from work related responsibilities. When a person is ready to handle more responsibilities, he comes into the good books of management. But at the same time it is imperative to know that additional responsibilities must not hamper your current duties.

Highlight your leadership skills –

It’s always imperative to showcase your strengths and positive qualities at your workplace. Professionalism in the workplace can be a pivotal point of your success in your profession. As one climbs the ladder of success, more and more responsibilities are added to ones profile. One needs to exhibit abilities to lead and motivate people. Try to become a team player! Your fresh ideas will garner respect for you from your subordinates and management will also take notice of your capabilities.

Build Contacts –

It is very significant to build good contacts with superiors, colleagues and subordinates. A good image always plays a crucial role while making decisions for a promotion. Interpersonal skills, team management and people’s skills are also an important factor while deciding on promotions.

Look for a mentor at work –

A workplace mentor is an individual who supports your development in the workplace and reviews your progress and achievement at work. To earn yourself a promotion, it is also advisable to connect with such a person who is already aiming for fast success in the organization. Not only will you get lots of hands on guidance from him but also various means to grab success in your hands.

Be ready to learn new things –

Learn to dream big! Life is a constant learning so one must always be ready to learn new things that will not only improve one’s profile but will also help one stay in the forefront. One should always have the hunger to learn new things. Since the environment is so dynamic in nature, it is very important to keep pace with the changes happening. It is also important to keep yourself updated about the latest techniques and skills.

Reinforce your past accomplishments –

It is not wrong to remind your superior about your past accomplishments and successes so that when the time comes to refer a name for promotion, your name is always at the back of his mind. It is human nature that negative happenings are always remembered and positive happenings fade away from our memories. So it is advisable to reinforce your accomplishments to ensure your success when it comes to promotion. But remember that no one can bask forever in one’s past glory so it is essential that one is constantly achieving.

Refine your personality –

Your unique personality can be an asset in the workplace, so make sure that you display it to the very best of your ability, without losing a professional edge. No one remembers a person who has a laidback personality. Presentability plays a lot of importance and a person who is slouchy in appearance has very little chance to be considered for a promotion. Capabilities and skills alone cannot help you fast track your career graph in today’s highly competitive and globalised corporate environment. It also demands good communication skills and perfect grooming.

Make the most of challenges –

To be a successful ‘fast tracker’ you need to be a self-starter. Try and constantly match and exceed expectations at your workplace Instead of getting fearful of challenges, it is better to turn these challenges into opportunities and strengths for the organization. Challenges will keep on pouring so it is better to learn from these challenges and change them according to your needs and requirements.

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