Friday, 7 February 2014

PhD — Why so few takers...?

PhD — Why so few takers...?

Only a fraction of IIT or NIT grads pursue PhDs or higher degrees for that matter.

While the NITs have a student body of 71,000 only 4000 are pursuing PhD.
The IITs have 60,000 students, of which only 3000 have gone for a PhD.
So why are all these bright students not taking up research or innovation???

Although India ranks 12th among all countries in terms of the number of scientific & technology related publications, we’re still far behind China and US.
We have only 119 researchers in R&D per million population, vs 715 in China and 468 in USA.

And despite our relatively strong scientific & technical base, we sadly lag behind in creating intangible assets through knowledge, research, innovation and patent filing.

If more bright students opt for research, itwill not only help reverse this trend, but will also help bridge the acute shortage of faculty in our technical institutions including the IITs...
Pervin Malhotra...

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