Wednesday, 22 January 2014

#Indians feel #experience is more helpful than #education in securing #job

#Indians feel #experience is more helpful than #education in securing #job

Today, maximum number of students are earning #experienceswhile, they are still pursuing the #graduate level #courses. It is the #Distance_Education, which has paved way to earn both#knowledge and #experience, at the same time. According to a survey 'Randstad Workmonit or Survey Q2 2013', #education alone may not be enough for people who are on a lookout for a suitable #job, and this is true for both young and matured workers. The report hast revealed that, in #India, 91% of the respondents feel that #experience counts more than #education in finding a suitable #job. It is further noted that, the count is higher in comparison to the world average of 81%. A report by staffing and HR services firm Randstad say that, 9 out of 10 people in #India believe that #experience is more helpful than #education in securing a suitable #job. Randstad India CEO- Moorthy Uppaluri told, "Organisations and #job seekers are keen to find a right mix between #experience, education and job match." "It is an interesting dilemma where #companies are unable to find the right #talent and candidates are unable to find a suitable #job," Uppaluri said. CEO Uppaluri further said "#India Inc should invest in ensuring there is a right #job - #candidate fit and have robust #training #programmes to drive employee performance. Such measures will help companies remain attractive for the workforce in the long term." Here are some highlights of the report. Indians struggle to find the suitable job with 66 per cent respondents saying it's hard for younger workers to find a suitable job. In case of older workers, this figure stands at 79 per cent. About 72% of the women respondents said, it is a little difficult for young individuals to find a suitable job, while only 61% of men agreed on the same. Moreover, 72 per cent of respondents are willing to move to another country for the right job in comparison to the world average which is 47 per cent. Of the respondents surveyed, 76 per cent preferred to have a temporary job than stay without any job, which is lesser compared to the world average of 88 per cent. Workmonitor is a quarterly review that tracks job seekers confidence and provides a comprehensive understanding of the job market sentiment and trends relating to the employment market across 32 countries. Topics: higher education, distance education

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