Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Benefits of Distance Education

Benefits of Distance Education

Distance Education makes lifelong learning possible. Along with enhanced access to educational opportunities, it offers convenience, flexibility, and affordability. The benefits of Distance Education are innumerable; some of them are:
Suitable for anyone and everyone
Distance Education suits the diverse educational requirements of students, businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and house-wives and is beneficial to any individual who wants to pursue higher education while still continuing with what he/ she is doing.

Self-paced Learning

The maximum duration of Distance Education programmes provides its students enough time to complete their programmes. This flexibility is specifically given, keeping in mind that the Distance Education students have other commitments too.
No constraint of time and place

Distance Education allows flexibility to study anytime of the day, be it in the wee hours of the morning or at late nights. Students may choose to study in the comfort of their homes, while travelling, while they are in the waiting area of a railway station or an airport, or any other place where they wish to be.

Multi-tasking opportunity

Distance Education provides multi-tasking opportunity to students. Flexibility and convenience, rendered by it, provide the students freedom to heed to their other responsibilities too.

Age no bar

Age is no bar for anyone wishing to pursue an distance education Programme.
Increase in Compensation and Promotion potential
One can always enhance his/ her academic and professional acumen by opting for Distance Education programme which in turn helps in increasing one’s remuneration and promotional potential. Additional qualification gives an edge to an individual over his peers and colleagues.